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NOW~ (04/03/2019) Internet wise
There is one thing that has become abundantly clear to me. I am not cut out for *IT*.

The fact that *i* don't think this is a bad thing and have also *in fact*, spent my entire life in and around a silent concept~ MASTER? Ignorant ~& believing as *i* still do, that my remaining Ignorant of nigh on all of what the rest of the World (human) teach their children, to do their utmost best to avoid...... also being an attitude *i* believed would come to STAND as foundation for *all* that *i* now attempt... being ALSO ONE that could be its downfall ...... is certainly taxing me no end at present.

SO~ How and why did such a probably doomed~ attitude manage to infest, what *i* know mY Parents and their generation of mY Extended Family hoped would prove to be a lively, focused and well trained mind.

AND~ for MOM *E*s - SACK - what's with the... S.S. sLOGS, sounds and looks like something out of Nazi Germany.?

Well, you would be right in that, IT *is* intended to INVOKE such imageings of *whitemen~distorted*.

Its real meaning and intent however, * Sewer Sided- S'LOGs * in short~ goes back to that how & why did such an attitude get to infest mY mind.... with It's purpose.
Something you can see IN THE IMAGE above.

An Issue now circling back upon itself, but begun for me @A very early age. In fact even before I could pinpoint the factors that made me chose a MASTER? IGNORANT~ STANCE.
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